MANOK plus


三爪/內夾/外夾 只需同一夾頭,即可完成!

MANOK plus靜置型手動夾具曼諾克的延伸系列,系統內建開合功能。藉此功能,您不僅可以將模組件使用於車床上,亦可使用於靜置型加工型態:只需幾分鐘,即可安裝完成曼多反張模組或夾爪模組。搭配使用夾爪模組,可達到兩倍大的夾持範圍。水平夾持、校正定位槽與內建止動器為標準配備。 


  • 可側向夾持安裝。
  • 可微調手動夾持。
  • 適用5軸加工。
  • 重覆精度 < 0.01 mm 。
  • 具備HAINBUCH夾具系列的特色:平行夾持、最佳的力能轉換、堅固、高夾持力,以及耐磨耗。
  • 預備工件內、前止動器用設計。
  • 透過作用於止動器的軸向後拉力,工件可穩度夾持。
  • 可短徑又穩固地夾持。
  • 可立式或臥式使用。



Incredibly versatile

MANOK plus, the extended variant of our manual MANOK stationary chuck offers you an integrated forced release function. With the integrated forced release function you can not only use our adaptations on the lathe you can also use them stationary.

Fast assembly

Within just a few minutes you have mounted the MANDO Adapt mandrel or the jaw module. With the jaw adapter the doubled clamping range is available.

Flexible standard equipment

Horizontal clamping surface and alignment fixation grooves are standard equipment, and so is the integrated end-stop.

Key advantages

  • Sensitive manual clamping is possible
  • Ideal for 5-sided machining
  • Repeatability < 0.01 mm possible
  • Workpiece stabilization through axial draw force applied against the workpiece end-stop
  • Short and stable clamping
  • Lateral clamping set-up possible